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Following Him is a non-profit ministry devoted to helping real women, with real lives, follow a real Savior. This ministry is dedicated to helping you know God’s Word, understand God’s Word and apply God’s Word to your life, through a variety of tools offered on this website, as well as my speaking ministry.

Statement of Faith

Through our relationship with Christ, we are healed, renewed, redeemed, forgiven, transformed, loved. It's our passion to share this faith and hope with the world.

If you have any questions about my statement of faith, please don't hesitate to ask.

Knowing Him

Most women I've met have expressed their longing to meet "Prince Charming" and to live happily ever after. I too spent most of my life looking for the Fairy Tale only to have ended up with two failed marriages and still no prince. Why have so few women experienced the Fairy Tale? Because it’s a story about fairies, not women!!

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  • Why I am walking away from social media for awhile

    A new knee for me last April and two new knees for my husband, one in September and one in November, as well as his heart procedure in February have depleted me. Not only that, but social media has drained me with rantings, ravings and hate like an unexpected sip of boiling hot coffee spewed in…..

  • What to do when you have fallen off the diet? Or fallen the off the wagon? Is Quitting your only option?

    If you have just joined us, perhaps you’d like to know I have written two posts about my weight loss journey. The first is my story of losing 64 pounds at age 63. The second is my food plan. You might want to read them first. Each week I will be blogging about what the Lord…..

  • My Food Plan.

    If you read my previous blog, My Big Fat Not So Fabulous Life, and if you are like me then you are dying to know more about my diet. You may be ready to start today. I am 63 years old and weighed 227 pounds in November of 2014 and now weigh 164 pounds. (Confession: Christmas set…..

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