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Written by Debbie Dittrich  |  Following Him

If you read my previous blog, My Big Fat Not So Fabulous Life, and if you are like me then you are dying to know more about my diet. You may be ready to start today. I am 63 years old and weighed 227 pounds in November of 2014 and now weigh 164 pounds. (Confession: Christmas set me back! But that will be dealt with!) Here is my picture from last year and my picture, with my granddaughter, from Christmas day 2015.

Debbie first fat pic with Christmas 2015 picture

So here it is, in all its glory… may I have a drum roll please for “The Diet”.

Not so fast. Let me give you some good advice first.

Almost any diet will work if you keep at it.

Seriously, was the problem in the past the diet you chose or the fact that you stopped using the diet? My guess is, for most of us, that you stopped using the diet.

Here is the truth, diets don’t work. I know, I know you’ve heard that before. It went in one ear and out the other, right?

But the truth is that the last thing we need is another diet. What we do need is a new way of life.

An. Entirely. New. Way. Of. Life.

The cycle of losing a certain amount of weight only to gain it back as soon as you reach your goal weight has got to stop!

My friend, what you and I need is a new heart, not just a new diet.

The problem is not the diet. The problem is our flesh.

“For the flesh sets is desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, so that you may not do the things you please.” Galatians 5:17

I’d say losing and gaining weight, never experiencing true and lasting freedom from the tyranny of being controlled by the love of food, is clearly “not doing the things you please“.

That’s because by biblical definition the flesh is the seat of sinful affections and appetites.

In fact, I’ll admit that when I had short lived success at losing weight it was usually because my flesh was all excited about the idea of looking better and buying new clothes and I was temporarily living for the pleasure of a new body image. I simply exchanged one sinful affection for another.

What we need more than a new diet is:

A heart that makes Jesus first place in everything. Colossians 1:18

A heart that lays aside the old self (the flesh) and puts on the new self. Colossians 3:9-10

A heart that walks by the Spirit and does not carry out the will of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

To get a new body you must feed your body differently. To get a new heart you must feed your heart differently. Feed your heart the Word of God!

Feed yourself His Word each day first thing, asking Him to give you a new heart; asking Him to give you a heart led by His Spirit and not your flesh; asking Him for power to do more than you ever asked for or imagined according to the power that is at work within you.

Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to accomplish His work.” John 4:34

Jesus said, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4


If you need to lose weight, then use my diet or pick another one. But whatever you do make it your purpose to put God first this year, by seeking Him in His Word and feeding your heart His Word every single day.

Now for the other diet as promised!



8 oz  0% FAGE Greek plain  yogurt                      1  oz. oatmeal                 1 handheld fruit or 6 oz other fruit


4 ox protein                         6 oz cooked vegetables               6 oz. salad           1 TBL full fat dressing or olive oil

That’s it! Plain; simple; easy. It is truly the easiest plan I’ve ever been on.

The pros are: you will consistently lose about 3 to 8 pounds a month or more. You will lose all cravings. Seriously, I had zero cravings. I had more energy than I’d ever had and my blood pressure and cholesterol went down. Not that they were high, but now they are perfect.

The cons are: you will be constipated. Yes, that’s an ugly, but very real truth. It has been my experience and observation of others on this diet that you will lose hair. I recommend taking biotin. I suspect something could be improved with this diet and it is lacking some nutrients. Perhaps you can see what is lacking and if so would you inform me? I’d love to know. I did not mind the hair loss as I had way too much hair and actually like my hair thinner. But be warned!

What you will need: You will need a digital scale to weigh and measure your food. People who overeat have no clue what a normal portion should be.


  • I use FAGE yogurt due to its taste and low sugar. But you could try another
  • Weigh your oatmeal dry and then add scant more than ¾ cup of water and cook. I use 1 minute oats and microwave mine for 2 minutes.
  • I use no artificial flavorings like Splenda. I mix my oatmeal and yogurt together and eat it with my fruit.
  • Examples of handheld fruits are: oranges, apples, bananas, pears etc. My plan said no mangoes  or watermelon, but perhaps you could try them and see what happens.
  • Weighed fruits are berries, kiwis, etc. Grapefruit is measured in halves, not weighed
  • My original plan said no caffeine. I thought I would die, but God honestly made it painless for me. I went without caffeine for 8 months. I added it back in and have not seen a noticeable difference.
  • This food plan came from a group called Food Addicts which I will explain more about below. They wanted you to use as little spices as possible and no Splenda etc, so that you become “food neutral”. At first you might think this breakfast is horrible, but within about a week, I learned to enjoy it. Food is primarily fuel. I thank God for food at times of celebration but other times I just eat for fuel, not for comfort, not for pleasure.
  • You can have 2 eggs instead of the yogurt, but I prefer the yogurt since it has 23 grams of protein and really satisfies me.



  • Proteins are: chicken, beef (fat content does not matter), pork, (like chops or pork loin, but not ham,) turkey, lamb, fish, 2 eggs, 8 oz tofu, 2 oz hard cheese.
  • Measure your meat after it is cooked. I often retain any juices from the meat but do not weigh the meat with the juice.
  • I do not make “recipes”. I cook my meat and veggies with a few spices if wanted and that’s it.
  • I steam my veggies usually or boil them with a bouillon cube or a spoon of “Better than Boullion”, but you can “roast” them with PAM. I also use PAM to saute squash etc, but be careful not to use too much oil.
  • Occasionally I do get tired of protein and I will take  2 oz of cheese and melt it on my cauliflower. Yum!
  • I mix vegetables like yellow and zucchini squash and onions.
  • For your salad, weigh 2 oz of the salad greens and then add cucumbers, tomatoes, shredded carrots, baby peppers. You can use whatever veggies you like, but no avocado.
  • Use only full fat dressing. Try to use a dressing where sugar is the 6th ingredient or higher. I am not sure  how important  that is personally, however. Or I will make my own dressing using 1 TBL olive oil, ½ TBL balsamic vinegar and ½ TBL apple  cider vinegar.
  • After 7 months I got so tired of salads I thought I would die!! I made a few changes to have options: substitute 1 fruit for 1 salad, but be sure to then get 1 TBL of oil or dressing as well, perhaps on your veggies or dressing to dip your meat in. Or you could use 2 TBL of dressing on your other salad.
  • I have also had 6 oz of tomatoes with a little balsamic vinegar and oil.
  • If you are sick or not well or just tired of it all, I have also had breakfast for dinner or lunch.
  • Some find this constipating, so use what you need to keep that from being a problem.


SNACKS: none

MEN: I am not positive how many ounces you need. My hubby eats about 6 oz. of protein and does well and about 8 ounces of veggies. He lost 25 pounds in TWO  WEEKS on this plan!!!!!!!! Yes, we stayed married, but I hated his guts for quite some time. Just kidding.

EXERCISE: I didn’t do any but now I plan to start walking. If you are a big exerciser, I’m pretty sure there would not be enough calories in this diet and you would have to compromise.

PLAN MEALS THE NIGHT BEFORE: This tool may be one of the best tools I learned. After dinner plan your meals for the next day. You are full and it is a great time to make your choices for the next day. Pray about your choice, commit your food to God and then write your choice in a spiral notebook.

EATING OUT: My original plan suggested not to eat out for 90 days, which I followed. After 90 days  you just eye ball your food choice and make the best choice you can by having a grilled chicken salad with no croutons or cheese etc.  Or sometimes at a nicer place, I would tell them I wanted grilled salmon or chicken or a steak, broccoli and a salad and they accommodated me very easily.

PRAYER:  For me this is all about the Lord period. You will have to make your own decision. My overeating ruled my life and was always about indulging my desires, my flesh, which I feel is not pleasing to God. I intend to eat with self-control the rest of my life and so for me I need the Lord’s help ALL THE TIME! And He does not disappoint me. Pray before choosing your meals the night before and pray on your knees first thing in the morning and the last thing at night asking God for power over your addiction to food or whatever your addiction is.

If you wonder if your eating is addictive in nature you might go to and take their simple test. I did join the group and I learned so very much from them. After about 7 months, however, I decided I needed to do the remainder of my weight loss strictly seeking the support of the Lord, rather than the support of this group. I do recommend that if you are not going to join Food Addicts that you get someone to talk to everyday and to whom you can be accountable and pray with. Share your menu with them. Talk to them about how you are doing.  It helps me so much to have accountability.


I do bulk cooking and this has been a life changing thing for me!! IT IS AN AWESOME WAY TO COOK AND LIVE!!

I will get 2 to 3 pounds of ground turkey, a couple of pounds of ground meat and a pork loin or a roast and I will spend a few hours cooking all of that up, which I will describe below. Then I weigh it out and put it in freezer bags (get good quality ones by the way so that your food stays fresh longer) and put it in the freezer. After we eat dinner at night I pull out what we want for the next day and put it in the fridge to thaw.

I also cook veggies in bulk. I will steam a bag of carrots, a head of cauliflower and broccoli  or cook frozen green beans and then I put it in containers so that I have several days of veggies. I have even made up to 10 salads in advance putting them in containers and it makes life so easy to grab your salad and put your meat on a plate and measure out veggies and you are DONE!

I have taken my food with me everywhere. It has never been an issue. I discovered you can run into most convenience stores and use their microwave and you are in and out in no time if you are on the road.

Cooking Meat:

Turkey: I season with sage and thyme or Italian seasoning and garlic salt and then I form balls bigger than a golf ball and smaller than a baseball and form them into patties about an inch thick. I heat the pan to high and spray with Pam and cook my patties for 1 minute on  high and then lower to med.    I turn them at 4 minutes and then turn back up to high for 1 minute, then back down for 3 more minutes..  When they are done I let them cool and  I measure, weigh and freeze. I also de-glaze the pan with water to make a little juice and I put that in each of the baggies with the meat.

Ground Meat: I  do the same as above but use different seasoning.

These patties are a little under-cooked, but when I microwave them for about 1 min and 45 seconds they come out perfect and juicy.

Pork Roast: I use the garlic and herb seasoned one and put it in a pan and cook at 350 for an hour. It is a little underdone, but will be tender and juicy when you microwave it.

Salmon: My hubby seasons several large pieces of salmon with lemon, dill and salt. He sprays the grill with Pam and cooks them on the skin side for 7 to 9 minutes depending on the thickness. We let it cool then measure it out without the skin and freeze it. It is a little rare but again, comes out fine once you microwave it.

Chicken: I  grill it and again, leave it just underdone  so when I microwave it , it will be juicy.


For a woman you need to buy at least 5 pounds of meat a week. For a man I think it is 8 pounds. I also buy about 3 boxes of spring mix salad and about 4 to 5 cucumbers and one bag of the baby bell peppers. I  buy 1 cabbage, 1 cauliflower, 2 to 3 bags of frozen  green beans, 2 bags of carrots. You can obviously use what you like, these are just examples.


Whether it is this plan or another plan, weigh without clothes first thing in the morning on the first day you start your plan. Write it down. From there on out weigh on the 1st of every month and at no other time. This really helped me so much! It was a love/hate thing, however. I hated not weighing during the month, but loved it the 1st of every month! I also kept track of my weight loss on a Word Document.

I also took my measurements the first day I started the plan and then each month thereafter. This was also a great tool.

I also took a picture the first of every month holding up a sheet of paper with the date and my weight. This was my first picture. I actually didn’t weigh the first day of my plan, but almost 2 weeks and 7 pounds later.

debbie comparison first fat pic with Oct pic


Where am I today? I went from 227 pounds down to 163 pounds. During Christmas I gained up to 171.2 pounds. I am a size 12 and feel great, but depending on which doctor I talk to I have been advised to lose down to 145 or 150.

I have work to do and while I got off of my original plan for a while, I am back on it now and want to lose the remainder of my weight. I will keep you posted on how I do each month. Please let me know how you are doing too! Let’s do this together, shall we?

But whatever you do, my friend, put the Lord first this year, as apart from Him you can do nothing. John 15:5 That is truly the most important thing we can ever do. Nothing else will count in eternity to come.

Shall we end in prayer?

Lord, will you help us to put you first and not our weight? Will you teach us what it is like to surrender ourselves to you and to be controlled by your Spirit? Will you deliver us from our obsession with food and bring us into a place of freedom, peace and joy? Lord, we commit ourselves to you, for your purposes and your glory. In Jesus’  name we pray. Amen.






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